Cancer Computer endorsed by Indiana University’s Assoc. Dean of Research Technologies.

The Supercomputer for Cancer Research, or more informally, Cancer Computer, recently received a nice endorsement from Indiana University’s Associate Dean of Research Technologies, for the work we are doing with Indiana University’s School of Medicine.

“When the complete sequence of the human genome was published in 2001, it was hailed as a tremendous scientific breakthrough and as the beginning of a new era in medical treatment that would improve the lives of human beings everywhere. It certainly was a breakthrough. But when we had the sequence in hand it was as if we had a list of ingredients from a very, very, large cookbook. Yes, everything needed to make a whole bunch of important stuff was right there. But which ingredients went with which recipes? What ingredients mixed together produced bad results? The authors of the paper about the Human Genome sequence published in the journal Science were careful to emphasize the amount of work between having the basic human genome sequence and curing diseases was many years of work. Cancer Computer is dealing specifically with prevention and treatment of cancer, which ought to be a group of diseases where computational approaches can make a real difference in advancing treatments and creating cures for Cancer. As a biologist and as a supercomputing expert, I salute the work of Cancer Computer and look forward to the results of their work.”

Craig Stewart, Ph.D. Associate dean, Research Technologies, Indiana University, Executive director, Pervasive Technology Institute

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