What We Do


Hardware Donation Sponsors

Incorporated as a Canadian not-for-profit, charitable status social enterprise, Cancer Computer’s business model is built on the foundation of mutual benefit for each of the stakeholder groups supporting its contribution toward the fight against cancer. On one side of the business model are its corporate sponsors, businesses of all types and sizes that donate various computer hardware elements; servers, storage arrays, racks, power supplies, etc., all of which have reached a typical “end of life” in a commercial production environment. This point in time, typically three to five years from new, is also the time that the financial capital depreciation benefits have been exhausted and the point where the technology manufacturers have delivered faster processors, more efficient storage and lower operating costs which power the natural IT replacement and upgrade cycle. Hardware donations to Cancer Computer are supported by an eligible offsetting tax deduction along with community and staff goodwill benefits of partnering for the fight against cancer.

Host Data Centre Sponsors

Donated hardware is then reconditioned, and any required software, memory or other upgrades are made by the Cancer Computer IT team who then work with a growing number of corporate partners who operate data centres to deploy and then operate a “node” of the high availability Cancer Computers cloud compute platform. Host data centre partners operating costs associated directly with the Cancer Computer node(s) are also eligible for an offsetting tax deduction.

Our customers are researchers, scientists and academic organizations globally

While society at large, and often our personal lives, are touched by cancer in its many forms, most of our attention, donations and corporate sponsorship support for the fight against cancer is focused on patient treatment. Unfortunately, there is a collective lack of awareness of how under resourced cancer researchers, scientists and academic organizations are globally in their fight to advance their research to find and validate new treatments and pharmaceuticals. While most academic and some publicly funded compute resources are available to the community they are most often not at subsidized or “free of charge” and are also capacity constrained, it’s not uncommon for researchers to wait months or even years for a slice of time on a supercomputer platform to conduct critical elements of their research. Here are just some of the organizations we support today.