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Please consider donating to help Cancer Computer provide supercomputing resources to scientists who are actively developing life-saving interventions for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19.

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Every day 565 Canadians and 4,828 Americans are diagnosed with cancer

That's approximately one Canadian and 8 Americans diagnosed every 2.5 minutes

A Cure Could Be Waiting In Line For Research Time

Join us in #ComputingForTheCure

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How You Can Help

Imagine the electricity it would take to run your computer all day... every day.

Our supercomputers are running cancer research every second of every day. We need your help to power them and the important research they are computing.

Our Charity

Our Charity

Cancer Computer is a registered Canadian charity that provides leading researchers with the computing power they need to help save lives and find a cure for cancer.

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How We've Helped

Volunteer Hours

20,000+ Volunteer Hours

We are passionate about supporting researchers by helping them compute the cure for cancer

Research Hours

15,000,000+ Hours of Research

To date, our supercomputers have computed over 15 million hours of research helping scientists get closer to the cure


11,766+ Cores Running 24/7

We provide over 11,766 cores to cancer researchers 24/7, which is the same processing power as over 50,000 iPhones! With your help we can add more capacity

Our Projects & Partnerships