Cancer Computer is a not-for-profit social enterprise supporting researchers in the cure for cancer by connecting them with the high performance and cloud computing, and the professional services support they need.

Around the world, independent cancer researchers, scientists and academic organizations are doing research that could forever change the face of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. But they are waiting months or even years for a slice of time on a supercomputer to analyze their findings.

This means critical breakthroughs that could save lives are waiting in line for computer time.

Cancer Computer is a Canadian registered charity that connects researchers with the computer hardware, processing capacity and IT support they need – free or at a very low cost.

What We Do

We believe the cure will be found not in wet biology, but in a simulated model on a cloud computing platform.


Through generous donations, we are building Canada’s largest super computer platform for cancer research.


We are connecting cancer researchers around the world with the computing power they need to further their research.


Cancer Computer is fuelling and supporting today’s scientists and researchers in the quest to find the cure for cancer.

Active Projects

We are supporting some of the world’s largest cancer research projects.

Processing Cores

We have operationalized over 1000 cores and growing weekly.

Volunteer Hours

We are passionate about supporting research to find the cure for cancer.

People Diagnosed

Every day on average, 539 Canadians are diagnosed with some form of cancer.

How You Can Help

With your help, we can accelerate the research that will find a cure.

Donate Goods

Donate computer hardware, space, processing capacity, or cloud instances.

Donate Money

Help finance Cancer Computer or any of our research projects.

Donate Time

Become a volunteer developer, IT specialist, fundraiser or administrator.

Powering Cancer Research

If you are a cancer researcher in need of hardware or resources, we can help you harness the power of the cloud to accelerate your research with computing power, storage, workflow software and the expert services so you can publish first and faster – with little or no cost to you.

Find us on the Open Science Grid or contact us below.

The Supercomputer for Cancer Research

302-80 Aberdeen Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5R5 Canada