Fuelling Research

Cancer Computer is a free service designed for cancer researchers as an integrated Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

We are currently the #1 contributor of resources for cancer research on the Open Science Grid.

The Supercomputer for Cancer provides a robust baseline set of high performance computing resources and services free of charge to cancer researchers and the organizations which support them. We also offer highly cost effective commercial solutions as an integrated Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) allowing the organizations and researchers we support to extend their programs as scale demands and financial resources permit.

Researchers can apply for access to a time-limited no-cost persistent baseline instance with a best effort service level guarantee. We also provide a start-up bundle of professional services support. Our commercial offerings carry industry standard service level guarantees and we offer for-fee professional services support to assist in workflow creation and optimization, software tool chain adaptation and integration, along with technical and performance optimization support.

Cancer Computer is currently the #1 contributor of resources for cancer research on the Open Science Grid.


Cancer Computer offers storage in the hundreds of terabytes range. We can provide warm offsite storage for NGS, or other data, securely and reliably. In addition, we can accommodate multi-terabyte workloads where required. We put no restrictions on duration of use, amount of computing resources, or size of data to be used. We will offer what we have available, and where possible, on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Where necessary and possible, we seek additional resources from cloud partners.


We currently have 6 computing clusters in Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Montreal, Kitchener, and Minneapolis​. These clusters are processing science for many different types of cancer workloads. Some are dedicated to large projects on the Open Science Grid or the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE). Others are cloud services offering up servers, or complete environments for cancer research, for such things as genomics, proteomics, and machine learning.


In 2018, we hope to stand up a large cluster, dedicated towards reproducible and distributable workflows for cancer genomic analysis. We will also be adding these, and other workflows, into our cloud catalogue, that will come preconfigured for researchers to use, with minimal amount of time to setup on private, long-term virtualized server/cluster instances.

IT Support

Creating some of the workflows, net-new applications, or even systems integration, can be very challenging work. For this, we have supercomputing and IT experts to assist researchers. Many of those applications involve AI (machine learning, natural language processing, etc.) and very large data sets, where Cancer Computer can not only provide the infrastructure, but can also assist in improving speed and reproducibility.

HTC/HPC Pricing

*All prices in Canadian dollars (CAD)

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If you are a cancer researcher in need of hardware or resources contact us below.

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