Server Naming Fundraiser

Name a server in honor of a loved one for $1000 per server.

You will receive a photo of the server, and an annual update of what projects the server is working on.

This will help offset the cost of the electricity to run the server.

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Cancer Computer AI Cluster

Cancer Computer is expanding our services into Artificial Intelligence.

We have volunteers that can assist us with machine learning, and we have been granted collocation space, we’re just missing the computers and that’s where you come in!

The computing cluster’s owner has given us by the end of March to come up with the funds. The typical used price for this server cluster is over $50,000…

We’d be grateful for your help in supporting our mission. We can write tax receipts for all donations greater than $50.

$0 / $14,831 Progress to date

Thank You Ross Video

In the summer of 2017, Ross Video was kind enough to donate 5 Dell servers, 2 storage units and two network switches. It took a little while to get it deployed, as we needed save up to purchase some accessories to reconfigure the hardware for our purposes.

It is now at the Cancer Computer main office, in a development lab. This lab will be our first foray into machine learning on “big data”, looking for patterns in clinical data. This will give our new bioinformatics volunteers, access to examine, and supervise the machine learning to focus in on what meaningful patterns can be found in terabytes of data.

This will provide our bioinformatics volunteers with valuable experience, as we tune our AI and take on two new machine-learning projects, later in this year.


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